300 km bicycle race

300 km finishers
Some people grabbed 300ml beer can sitting by the TV on Saturday, and some heroes decided to ride 300km on their carbon rocket-bikes. 35km/h against the strong front wind - and they had finished in less than 10 hours. Congrats and respect, you are awesome!
Don't try this at home! Well, you can try with Ambalco BikeTube - me and my team do our best to make your indoor cycling most interesting and entertaining of all the known fitness-activities.

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Next day most of them joined 135 km rally - it's just a recovery ride for this heroes.
by Alex Bell
I'm Alex, that crazy guy behind ambalco.com.
And I'm nothing without the team.
Carpe diem \/ ^
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Just like it supposed to be: free unlimited entertainment for all
At least half of the day you work for the dead people - the rich men of the past. Even if you’re big boss.
Tons of videos gamified by our users
Minimal weignt? No! Clipless pedals? No! The secret is...
Indoor cycling made cool. Again.
Too much rain and hail even for tough guys - first bicycle race of the season gone wrong.
Some of the tires I’ve tried, got warn out and properly recycled.
Easy to measure, not-so-easy to change. But it's possible.
Some things are build to last. If not - rebuild!
It's not in China, and it's not Tour de France.
The robo-bike is here.

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