Choosing the touring bicycle tire

kenda kwickroller bicycle tire
Kenda Kwick Roller was my touring bike stock tire. Rolls fast, light-weight, but I’ve got two punctures in the first 3 month, and it was summer, when the roads in my hood are clean and there’s almost no chance to catch broken glass. Good tire for the weekend hybrid bike, not so good for touring.
Schwalbe silento bicycle tire
Schwalbe silento performed well during two summer seasons. Excellent rolling and great grip - you’ll never fall to the inner side of the turn no matter the speed. Great for the summer time when there’s no small granite stones they use to make the roads not so slippery. This stones got sharp edges an sometimes contain small shark-tooth pieces of broken glass. Use this tires in summer, and never in winter.
Nokian Hakkapeliitta bicycle tires
Nokian Hakkapeliitta aka Suomi Tyres: great on ice, easy rolling compared to another winter tires, never punctured. Excellent tire for winter, you can even ride on the skating-rink safely.
Schwalbe Marathon Winter bicycle tire
Schwalbe Marathon Winter is another great winter tire, never punctured and provides excellent grip on ice. Haven’t tried on the skating rink but I’m pretty sure this tire can accomplish the challenge.

Continental Top Contact II Winter bicycle tire
Continental Top Contact II Winter never punctured, and the grip in the raw snow is good. However, spiked tires are better for winter, and this tire rolls not so fast on the clean road. May be good for some use cases but not for the road touring.
Schwalbe Energizer bicycle tire
Schwalbe Energizer is pretty close to Schwalbe Silento - fast rolling, pretty light and perfect for summer. Just don’t use it on the late autumn and winter roads: this tire don’t survive "shark teeth".
Schwalbe Marathon Cross bicycle tire
Schwalbe Marathon Cross is more robust than Silento and energizer, but it was so unlucky to catch one “shark tooth” on the snow-less winter road. And I continued my search for the best touring tire.

Schwalbe Energizer Tour Plus bicycle tire
Schwalbe Energizer Tour Plus is the tire I’ve settled with. Best puncture protection, and great rolling at the same time. Exactly what I need for my travel bike.

All the tires in this review were bought for my travel bike. Most of them got warn out and were properly recycled, and some are still in use.

The review is just my impression based on my mere experience.
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