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BMX cycling

BMX cycling

Holy crap! My BMX friend got a baby and his mind has turned, he says BMX is a form of suicide. Getting to ambulance is only a matter of time in BMX competitions - that's what he says. That's what the girls do to us: they search for the best race horse to transform into their cargo donkey. He's dead for me.

Every time you fly high on your BMX bike you drop the coin testing your fortune: land up alive or dead. Cowardly refusing to take the risk means being already dead.

It goes to all the aspects of the life: some choose breathtaking beauty of the mountains, others prefer TV and the couch. Some break a leg on BMX, others got haemorrhoids from sitting all day.

Watching our BMX videos during the indoor cycling workout you get to the front row of life. Feel the adventure spirit, it's still alive!

112 BMX videos.

Magic is simple
You push the pedals, we speed up the video. The app is free and ads-free.

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