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Chasing the sun, till the day is done

Chasing the sun, till the day is done

It is morning in the world. Despite weather conditions, time zone, and life standards the morning is the same everywhere. You can feel the impatience, the excitement, the emotion. The luggage is ready and very tide packed. The clothes are waiting, the sun cream is on, and the bike is at the door. We are ready. We are smiling A new day of biking is ready to begin. We are the sun cyclists.

Some say that people live by the moon's phases. We live by the sun's phases. Every sunrise is a joy. We dream to wake up in a sunny day. The mountains, the roads, the steepest descents, beaches and mud, they all are waiting for us. We are happy even if it is a work day.  Every ride in the sunshine is a joy and a story. We see everything and absorb it. We became richer every day. Our videos are the best because you can see the smallest detail. Like our sweat. Sun is a magical God for biking. We get together every day to worship him.

It is evening in the world. Despite everything (beer, wine, comfort food, TV shows, pillows of all sizes) we are sad. The luggage is thrown somewhere, the clothes stink, and the bike is at the door. We play and replay the videos, pictures, and stories of the day. We sigh and take a melancholic shower. There is only one thing capable to cheer us up: planning the next sun worship together with our bike.

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