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Winter bikers run the streets

Winter bikers run the streets

In the darkness of the winter days, our 1500 lm lights are patrolling the streets. Metal spike tires ensures the proper noise and atmosphere. Wearing masks, gloves, labeled clothes, hoods and helmets, we master the roads. We are the winter bikers.

Life on two wheels can be difficult in the winter. But not for us. Facing snow storms, sinking in the snow, frozen, always moving and counting our fingers, we go wherever we are needed on our bikes. Man and bike are inseparable. Woman and bike are beautiful. Although you can not easily say if there is a man or a woman. We are a team. We salute eachother even with the icy wind in our faces. We dig deep in the snow to recover a mate's glove. We feel sorry for everyone's muddy face and sprinkled legs. But nevertheless, we cycle. Ahead, ahead, don't let the snow swallow you, don't let the wind get you down. This is our motto.

Winter bikers have many stories to tell. Some end with the nose in the snow, some end with red smiling faces near a large cup of mulled wine. They don't mind the weather, don't care about the road conditions. With courage and joy, you can always enjoy a good ride. And if you are very, very good, Santa may offer you a reindeer job. Keep your fists tight and your feet on the pedals!

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