Public API

The API is free and open: you can build and sell any apps you want. Also, there’s no restrictions on the logo and style usage.By using this API you accept the terms of use.


Submitting data to the Bike Tube


POST request parameters:

Required parameters:


Your auth token


The Nickname is used to sync cadence data only, it is not an authorisation.


Cranks rotations per minute. The full 360O rotation counts.Normally, this value is used by the BikeTube to calculate power and speed.


Random 8 chars string, generated upon the installation, on the first app run.This string is persistent and it is used to track the device: if one user uses nick “Foobar” right now,the user with another salt will be requested to enter another nick

Optional parameters: ( will be implemented soon! )


If your app is advanced enough to measure the power the cyclist generates, you can submit this parameter.This param overrides the value calculated by the BikeTube.


If your app measures the heart rate with bluetooth or ant sensors, you can submit this data too, and it will bedisplayed on the big screen in the video overlay.

Add YouTube video

to make it into the game