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indoor cycling video by onel0wcubn
indoor cycling video
indoor cycling video by Pete G



Why visiting some elite cycling event is better than just browsing Insta #procycling tag? Because of the feeling, the spirit of the event.
When the group of pro cyclists passes by, you feel like you stay near a high-voltage electric power line. There is the same buzz in the air, produced by aero wheels. And the same spark click sound of switching gears.
So energetic. So powered. Cycling pros.

Being pro is when the biggest chainring is never enough.
Being pro is doing the best for your team, even if you are not scheduled to win - just to deliver the stronger team mate to the finish sprint.
Being pro is burning and dying, doing more than you can on the last kilometers of the race, winning the champions duel.
And being pro is also drinking when your bike computer reminds you to do it. And slowing down when your heart rate is higher than the limit set by your trainer. Smart training, smart competition.

Some say cycling is bad for prostate, and that's bullshit: pro cyclists have less prostate and ass problems that average population of the same age. But the fact this myth persists, shows how much people like nasty stories.
Well, I can tell you some. Stopping to pee is not an option, so the pros just put their schlongs on the side, usually right, and relax. The speed is crucial, so the team mate puts his hand on your back and keeps pushing you forward. And pretty often another team mate pushes his back too, riding on the left side. If you can relax and pee with some guy's hand on your lower back - welcome to pro cycling.

Some also say golf and big tennis are expensive sports. They just don't know the prices of the pro bikes! Well, the bikes often come for free - cycling brands provide new bikes every year to the top pros. But the cars of support crew, food, drinks, aero bike delivery for all the team mates, massage, medical, and logistics take so much money. You have to be rich to take part in Tour De France, or have good sponsors. Normally, it takes about $10, 000 to take part in elite cycling events - if your plan is to fight for the prize. And still, thousands of competitors come every year to take part to this madness. This shows how big the industry is, and moreover, it shows how strong the human spirit is. The need of overcoming, feat and adventure. I don't despair of humans, the human spirit is still alive.

People, you are awesome!
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indoor cycling video
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indoor cycling video by Jake Biernacki
indoor cycling video by Simon Phuah
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