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indoor cycling video by Tarek Alioua

Some other season - good time for cycling.

Some other season - good time for cycling.

It is very easy to find a real life Cinderella. You know for sure that person or thing that isn't glamorous, doesn't get any attention, but it always ends up saving the day. In the world of cycling, Cinderella is good ride in spring or autumn. The other season, they say. The best season, we say.

Most of the people can say they are lucky to live in four seasons. They know the bright sunny days of summer, the white and cold snow, the blossomed spring, and the rusty autumn. Although people don't like to admit it, summers and winters are in fact very small (it is very well known that in England summer is happening in a Wednesday). So most of the time, the biking is done in that other season. With average temperatures, average rains, average sunny days, a good amount of fog and drizzle, and the largest heart of all the seasons, spring and autumn fill our calendar. Events, group rides, best trips ever, budget holidays, and every day life are happening mostly in the enthusiasm of the first warm days after winter and in the richness of the gentle autumn days. Our Cinderella is full of hope and magic.

You don't talk much about the other season and when you do you always complain. But if you take your time and think about it, it has a freshness and a potential that must be exploited. Imagine you ride under the blossomed trees, crossing raw green fields. Imagine those unbelievable gold forest, a winding road, a delicate wind, and the smell of wet dirt. Summer and winter may be exotic and shiny, but spring and autumn are home for you and your bike.

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indoor cycling video by BikeBlogger
indoor cycling video by GEO DURE
indoor cycling video

Magic is simple
You push the pedals, we speed up the video. The app is free and ads-free.

indoor cycling video by Kenneth Trueman
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indoor cycling video by do hyung lee

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Dec 23
33 min
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indoor cycling video by Tarek Alioua

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indoor cycling video by BikeBlogger

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